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Former Support Representative Sues Subaru For Unpaid Overtime

A former Subaru employee has filed a lawsuit alleging that the company owes unpaid wages to its customer service representatives. This class action comes only days after a judge agreed to a settlement in a separate class-action lawsuit filed by customers. 

Is Subaru Failing To Pay Employees Properly? 

A Subaru carIn the allegations, the plaintiff alleges that from January 2018 to October 2018, he worked as a support representative who assisted customers, retailers, and distributors. During this time, he and other representatives regularly worked more than 40 hours but did not receive overtime pay. 

The plaintiff alleges that this failure to pay overtime wages violates both state and federal law. 

The lawsuit intends to cover employees in a similar position for the past three years and the plaintiff is seeking compensation to pay for unpaid wages, as well as legal fees and other damages. 

How Much Could Plaintiffs Obtain From Subaru If They Win? 

The monetary compensation that can come from an unpaid overtime lawsuit can vary greatly from case to case. This is because compensation, which should include wages that were not paid, is based on actual losses.

Our law firm offers free case reviews during which we can help you estimate how much your case may be worth. 

Common Wage Violations 

Many employers get creative in order to save money for the company and that includes avoiding paying proper wages. How do employers adjust the amount of money they should be paying employees? 

Not Paying For “Off The Clock Work”

A workers’ day starts with the first action that is required for them to do their job. For example,  office workers are often expected to take actions like turning on a computer or logging into a phone system. But many employers simply pay for specific hours, even if the employee is expected to take those actions prior to paid hours. 

Not Paying Overtime 

Workers are often told that they are not eligible for overtime pay or the amount they are paid is incorrect. 

Paying Tipped Workers Less Than Minimum Wage 

Although workers who earn more than $30 in tips a month are allowed to be paid less than the standard minimum wage, there is still a minimum wage in place. Per the FLSA, tipped workers must be paid at least $2.13 an hour and many states have their own minimums in place. 

However, when a wage violation occurs, those who have been hurt by it have the right to seek compensation through a lawsuit. 

Why Should I Consider Filing A Wage Violation Lawsuit? 

Not only can filing a wage violation lawsuit help to recover the compensation that you deserve, it can also send a message to employers that their actions are not acceptable. Not only will you fight for yourself, but also future employees who otherwise may have had their rights violated. 

If I Sue Will My Employer Fire Me? 

If you are taking legal action against your current employer, yes, there is a possibility that you may lose your job. However, your employer cannot fire you because you filed a wage violation lawsuit, this is seen as retaliation. 

If you lose your job specifically for fighting wage violations, you can take additional legal action. 

Can I Take Legal Action If I’m An Undocumented Worker? 

Yes, undocumented workers are entitled to all of the labor protections under the FLSA. You’ve traded your labor to an employer, you are entitled to fair compensation. You have the right to take legal action just like any other employee in the United States. 

To learn more about how our legal team can help you, contact Wage Advocates today. 

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