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Settlement Reached For Plaintiffs Involved In Settle Alehouse Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit

Hundreds of restaurant workers will be compensated for unpaid wages thanks to a settlement approved by a judge in the Kings County Superior Court. 

Seattle Alehouse Settles Unpaid Wages Lawsuit

Pyramid Alehouse, which is located in Sodo, has agreed to pay $450,000 to nearly 300 current and former employees who allege that they weren’t properly paid. The plaintiffs, in this case, alleged that the company actually went so far as to delete hours from employee’s time stamps and also failed to propertybeer taps in alehouse record working hours. Often, employees found that their overtime hours were taken off in a practice known as “time shaving”. 

Many plaintiffs also reported not being provided time to take a break – breaks which are required by law.

After realizing that this was happening to more than one employee and that the company was using this as a way to get out of paying fair wages, employees filed an unpaid wages lawsuit. 

The workers involved in the lawsuit not only want to recover the compensation that they are owed but they also want to help change a common practice in the food and service industry, of making employees feel like they simply can’t take breaks. 

Employees Must Be Paid For All Time Worked

According to the law, employees must be paid for the time they work – from the first task to the last on any given day. But time and time again, employers illegally cut wages so that they can avoid paying overtime or avoid paying fair wages.

Those who have been the victims of wage theft have the right to take legal action and to seek compensation. However, proving a wage theft case can be incredibly difficult without help from an experienced lawyer. 

Unpaid Wage Lawsuits: The Facts 

The most common ways that employers commit wage violations include: 

Failing To Pay Overtime Correctly 

When you work more than 40 hours a week, you are likely qualified for overtime pay. However, employers tend to misclassify employees so that they can tell them that they do not qualify for overtime wages. 

Making Illegal Paycheck Deductions 

If you’ve had an employer make deductions on your paycheck for items like uniforms and tools and that deduction brought your wage down to below minimum wage, that is an illegal deduction. 

Stealing Tips

You have the right to your tips. While tip pooling is acceptable, employers can never take money from the tip pool.

Restaurant workers are some of the most common victims’ for wage theft and lawsuits are regularly filed. 

The unpaid wage lawsuit that can be filed is a civil lawsuit. This lawsuit seeks to do two things: send a message to employers that they can’t steal wages and get away with it and to compensate plaintiffs for the wages they have lost as a result. 

Why Work With Wage Advocates?

With decades of experience, you can be sure that your lawsuit is in good hands. Our legal team has helped thousands of clients get the payments they both need and deserve. 

We have the resources needed to take on large corporations, an important factor in unpaid overtime cases. In addition to this and our passion for the law, our goal is to make sure our clients are satisfied every step of the way. We regularly communicate with every client regarding the status of their case in the form of communication that is best for them. 

Wage Advocates offers free consultations for hard-working Americans who believe that their rightful pay has been stolen from them. Contact us today for your free case review. 

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